Jung Jin Young and Kim Da Hyun star in You Are the Apple of My Eye – What we know about their roles and the plot

According to various Korean news sources, pop idols Jung Jin Young and Kim Da Hyun have been confirmed as starring in the remake of popular Taiwanese film You are the Apple of My Eye.

The original film starred Kai Ko, Michelle Chen and Owodog, and aired in 2011 in Taiwan. It also streamed on Netflix.

You are the Apple of My Eye is based on the semi-autobiographical novel written by Taiwanese author and filmmaker Giddens Ko.

New cast members Jung Jin Young and Kim Da Hyun are, of course, known for being members of popular pop groups.

Jung Jin Young has been acting for over a decade

Jung Jin Young has been acting since his cameo appearance in The Thousandth Man in 2012.

The 32-year-old Jung Jin Young is the former leader of the South Korean boy band B1A4, which he belonged to from 2011 until 2018.

He left the group to concentrate on being both a solo artist and on his already quite well-established acting career.

Since then, he has starred in lead roles in dramas like Wind-Bell, My First First Love (both seasons), Police University and Sweet Home 2 and 3.

His role in You Are the Apple of My Eye, however, will be his first of 2024, with Korean entertainment news confirming he is playing the role of Jin Woo.

Jin Woo is the school troublemaker whose attitude begins to change as he falls in love with the shy but strong-willed honor student Sun Ah (played by Kim Da Hyun).

Due to their burgeoning relationship, Jin Woo’s grades at school also begin to improve, which eventually sets him up for a successful university career.

Kim Da Hyun continues her new acting career

Kim Da Hyun, who is generally better known as simply Dahyun, is a current member of the incredibly successful Korean girl group TWICE.

She is also another idol star who seems to have designs on a career in acting (good for her!), as she made her acting debut last year in the sports melodrama film Sprint alongside Ha Seok Jin and Lee Shin Young.

That film recently completed filming.

Her role as Sun Ah will be her second such film role, with filming for You Are the Apple of My Eye already starting last month.

STUDIO TAKE and Jayuro Pictures are producing the film, and also released the first photos from the set this week. (see above)

The film’s Korean title, by the way, is 그 시절, 우리가 좋아했던 소녀, which roughly translates to Back Then, the Girl We Liked.

We will keep you posted as more information is released about the film but, considering its original Taiwanese version set new box office records in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, it will likely be extremely popular.

Let’s hope, though, that the Korean remake isn’t subjected to the same type of censorship the Taiwanese film experienced around Asia.

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