K-dramas KILLING it on Netflix – 4 out of 10 MOST-WATCHED include Bloodhounds and King the Land

Netflix’s Top 10 Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows list is heavy on the Korean

With thousands of Non-English TV shows from all around the world airing on Netflix in any given week, it always makes me happy at how well Korean dramas continually do on the streaming platform worldwide.

So much so, in the latest data from Netflix, four out of the Top 10 Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows during the week of June 19th to June 25th are South Korean dramas.

All four of them have also been watched for a crazy number of hours.

A couple of them have been on the chart for at least two weeks and, all of them are the #1 most-watched TV show in at least two countries.

Two of the K-dramas I am currently watching, and I can attest to what fun shows they are, and how much their plots and their characters pull you in.


Which Korean dramas are on the Netflix Top 10 Most-Watched list?

All of the dramas currently on the list have premiered on the platform this month, with three of them coming out in the last couple of weeks.

All of them have been watched for more than a million hours, with the K-drama that is the most-watched having been viewed for 37.3 million hours so far.

According to the most recent Netflix Top 10 list released by the streaming service this week, the four Korean dramas on the Netflix Top 10 Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows for the week of June 19th to June 25th look like this:

#2King the Land4.7 million views

#3Bloodhounds4.6 million views

#6See You In My 19th Life1.9 million views

#8Lies Hidden In My Garden1.1 million views

King the Land is in the Top 10 in 36 countries, Bloodhounds in the Top 10 in 67 countries, and See You In My 19th Life in 20 countries.

King the Land is on its 2nd week on the list, while Bloodhounds is on its 3rd.

See You In My 19th Life hit the Top 10 for the first time this week, and the same goes for Lies Hidden In My Garden.

I am currently watching both King the Land and See You In My 19th Life, and can recommend either/both to anyone who enjoys superb main leads, interesting stories, very funny scenes (in the case of King the Land) and characters you root for that they will eventually end up happy.

Here are the links to each drama on Netflix, so you can check them out yourself — King the Land, and Bloodhounds, and See You In My 19th Life — as well as the trailers for each K-drama below.

Lies Hidden In My Garden is only streaming on Netflix in a limited number of Asian countries, which makes its appearance on Netflix’s Top 10 Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows list even more remarkable.

You can watch that drama’s trailer via Viki, where it is streaming here in Europe.

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