K-drama Bloodhounds is 2nd MOST-WATCHED TV show on Netflix worldwide – Watch the trailer

Bloodhounds climbed from #6 on Saturday to #2 today

The South Korean drama series Bloodhounds is not only now streaming on Netflix, it is also the second-most-watched Netflix TV show worldwide.

According to FlixPatrol, the eight-episode Bloodhounds is being watched in 87 countries, and almost immediately hit the global Top 10 on Friday when it debuted on the streaming platform.

By early on Saturday, it was in sixth place and yesterday had hit #2, with only the teen drama Never Have I Ever beating it in the top spot.

Bloodhounds is currently at #3 in the United States, and at #5 in Australia, Canada, Guatemala, Finland, Lebanon, Poland and a slew of other countries.

The Korean drama is also the #1 most-watched show in South Africa, Bolivia, Bahamas, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Malaysia, Peru, Oman, the Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea Vietnam and Turkey.

What is Bloodhounds?

The Korean drama Bloodhounds is directed by Jason Kim (Goodbye My Smile) and stars Woo Do Hwan, Lee Sang Yi, Heo Joon Ho and Kim Sae Ron.

It tells the story of rookie boxer Kim Geon Woo (played by Woo Do Hwan) and his opponent Hong Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi) who both become friends after their bout ends in Geon Woo winning. Barely.

Things move along like always until Geon Woo’s mother takes out a loan so she can save her cafe from going bankrupt, but it soon becomes obvious she has become involved with the ruthless loan shark company Smile Capital.

It is now up to the two friends to work together to fix the problem. Even if that means taking down the loan sharks destroying ordinary people’s lives.

For me sadly, Bloodhounds is a no watch as, unfortunately, it is set during the Covid-19 panic and, if I have to see one more idiot wearing a useless mask, I will scream.

For you, however, you may not mind.

Bloodhounds is now streaming via Netflix worldwide and, the way things are going it is likely to be the #1 most watched show on the platform by tomorrow.

Watch the official Bloodhounds trailer below to see if it is for you.


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