Kill Boksoon final trailer has Jeon Do Yeon ANNIHILATING her targets — Watch!

Having been enamoured of Korean actress Jeon Do Yeon in Crash Course in Romance, I am now desperately awaiting the release of her new movie Kill Boksoon.

An action thriller coming to Netflix at the end of the month, and one with a previous trailer already making the 50-year-old actress look incredibly kickass.

With the release today of the Kill Boksoon final trailer, however, it appears I may not have even realized how hardcore Boksoon actually is, as the action in this one is completely over the top, as Boksoon goes about annihilating her targets one by one.

Then again, it is pretty obvious the trailer will be high-action as it begins with the quote “One kill will save you three times the amount of patience”.

So, there’s that.


Along with the Kill Boksoon final trailer, we also got an utterly gorgeous new poster for the crime thriller. (see above)

That final Kill Boksoon poster features the movie’s five main characters — from left to right and top to bottom, Gil Boksoon, Cha Min Kyu, Boksoon’s daughter Gil Jae Yeong, Cha Min Hee and Han Hee Sung — surrounded by knives, guns and axes dripping with blood.

Yep, this one is likely to be more than a little gory and violent. Count me in, eh?

Kill Boksoon is directed by Byun Sung Hyun (Kingmaker and The Merciless).

The 2 hour, 17-minute long movie premieres on Netflix worldwide on March 31st. I’ll be setting my alarm.


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