Kim Jae Uck’s agency asks fans to NOT wait for him after ‘Pagwa’ performance ends

Kim Jae Uck in screenshot from SOOP Entertainment’s video of the Korean actor rehearsing for Pagwa (watch below)

SOOP Entertainment mentions “safety issues” for fans waiting for Kim Jae Uck

As most actors, singers, band members around the world will tell you, while they love and appreciate their fans and the way they support their work, having fans appearing everywhere they go can become tiresome.

And, in some instances, can even be dangerous. Both to the artist and the fans.

Such, apparently is the situation with Korean actor Kim Jae Uck, whose agency Management SOOP has just announced — in Korean and English (see notice below) — that they would appreciate fans NOT waiting for him after he finishes work on his current project — starring as the character Bullfight in the stage play ‘Pagwa‘ — and attempts to go home.

After all, there are safety issues that take place when fans hanging around behind a theater waiting for their favorite actor to appear are often not aware of what is going on around them — vehicles coming in and out, other people trying to get through, and a myriad of other safety problems that can occur in places where groups of people are not supposed to be.

In fact, in a couple of videos that have surfaced from the Hongik University Daehak-ro Arts Center in Seoul where the Korean actor is currently starring in ‘Pagwa‘, Kim Jae Uck himself has had to motion fans out of the way as vehicles are attempting to pass.


Management SOOP’s announcement about their client Kim Jae Uck and their worry over “safety issues”.

In other words, support Kim Jae Uck by buying a ticket for ‘Pagwa‘ if you are able, or on social media (his agency SOOP Entertainment puts out some really great videos of the actor, and always nicely includes English and Japanese subtitles) instead of standing around in a back alley where you may put your own safety in danger.

Or, even worse, his. (Sorry but, while I don’t know you, I do know who he is, and he’s awesome!)

With that in mind, watch the recently released video SOOP put out showing Kim Jae Uck behind the scenes of his musical ‘Pagwa‘.

In it, he not only shows how thoughtful he is when he creates a new character, but even makes his own rifle out of a music sheet stand.

(The man has untold skills!)

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