Death’s Game stills of Kim Jae Uck as sexy genius painter who is one of 12 reincarnations released

Photos courtesy TVING

New Death’s Game stills are coming thick and fast this week, with today’s release of stills of Kim Jae Uck starring as painter Jeong Gyu Hyuk in the upcoming TVING drama.

And I say “starring”, even though his role in the Korean drama is a guest role as, in my eyes, Kim Jae Uck is the star in any drama or movie he appears in. Sue me.

According to TVING, the Kim Jae Uck stills are of a “brutal, sexy genius artist”.

Hell, I’m in. How about you?

The Kim Jae Uck stills follow on from yesterday’s release of Death’s Game stills of Lee Do Hyun as Jang Geon Woo who meets the woman he was in love with when he was still Choi Yi Jae, and Tuesday’s stills of Lee Jae Wook as martial artist Cho Tae Sang.


Death’s Game, of course, stars the stellar high-profile cast of main leads Seo In Guk and Park So Dam, alongside Kim Ji Hoon, Choi Si Won, Kim Jae Uck, Sung Hoon, Kim Kang Hoon, Lee Jae Wook, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Do Hyun, Go Yoon Jung, and Oh Jung Se.

It tells the story of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk) who commits suicide, only to have Death come to him and tell him, if he can survive just one of the 12 new lives she is going to now force him to live, he will continue to live that life to its natural end.


The upcoming K-drama is an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name by Lee Won-sik and Ggulchan.

The drama is due to premiere on TVING on December 15th but is, unfortunately, a once-a-week release (on Fridays), so it will be a while before we learn its conclusion.

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Although I think I already know which of the 12 reincarnations will be the one to cheat Death, do you? (And no, I haven’t read the webtoon! 🙂 )

Meanwhile, enjoy the just-released stills of the devilishly handsome Kim Jae Uck. Well, they went well with my morning coffee and toast.


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