New Death’s Game stills, trailer show a reincarnated Lee Do Hyun seeing woman he used to love

Stills courtesy TVING

More Death’s Game stills have been released today.

This time they are stills of actor Lee Do Hyun who plays Choi Yi Jae in Death’s Game, but in the upcoming K-drama is reincarnated as Jang Geon Woo.

There are also stills of Lee Ji Soo (played by Go Youn Jung), and male lead Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk).

All three of them are apparently involved in a strange love triangle, as Jang Geon Woo used to be in love with Lee Ji Soo when he was still Choi Yi Jae, and before he killed himself.

And now, here he is in his reincarnated body as Jang Geon Woo, meeting Lee Si Joo again.

But a Si Joo who has no idea who he is, or that they used to be in love.

In the accompanying new Death’s Game trailer (watch below), we also see Jang Geon Woo at work in a cafe, only to turn around and see Lee Ji Soo walking in.

The entire 2-minute trailer is run in almost slow motion, and with hardly any speaking, but it is still incredibly powerful.

After all, if you were suddenly reincarnated in another body and were still living in the same place you always lived, chances are you would eventually come across someone you used to love.

But a someone who now has no idea who you are, or that you once used to mean so much to them.

Watch the new Death’s Game trailer featuring Lee Do Hyun, Go Youn Jung and Seo In Guk below, and enjoy the lovely Death’s Game stills above.

With the first part of the new Korean drama itself due to premiere on December 15th on TVING in South Korea, and with many more reincarnated Choi Yi Jae’s still to meet, we can expect quite a few more of these reincarnation reveals before we are done.

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