Knight Flower Episode 12 will be longer to ensure every storyline gets a conclusion

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Knight Flower, Episode 12 gets 5 more minutes of air time

The production team of the soon-coming-to-an-end Korean drama Knight Flower has announced its final episode will be longer than its previous episodes.

The decision to extend it for an extra five minutes was made after the production team decided all storylines in the Korean drama could not be brought to a satisfactory conclusion in the time allotted to it.

That means, Knight Flower, Episode 12 will air in its usual time slot on MBC but, instead of starting at  21:50 (KST), will begin at 21:45 instead.

With the Korean drama being one of the most popular dramas airing at the moment and with audiences now knowing it should end well, Knight Flower, that also means Episode 12 is likely to earn the drama’s highest rating ever.

After all, some viewers have been commenting on various drama-focused websites that, as much as they love the series, they are worried the writer will not be able to pull everything in the sometimes-complicated plot together by the end of the series.

Now you can relax during the final two episodes, as it is very likely the screenwriter and the production team will do just that.

Knight Flower stars Honey Lee (aka Lee Hanee) and Lee Jong Won, and premiered on January 12th with 7.9 percent share of the nationwide audience.

Since then, almost every episode has seen increasing ratings, with its most recent episode grabbing 12.9 percent of the viewership, as well as being the #1 most-watched show on Korean TV.

The final two episodes of Knight Flower will air on Friday and Saturday, February 16th and 17th, with Episode 11 running for its usual time, while Episode 12 will be five minutes longer.

International viewers can watch the episodes via Viki and on KOCOWA.

Fingers crossed that events in this continually superb drama will all end to our satisfaction, eh?

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