Knight Flower Ep 10 has big ratings jump on Lunar New Year main holiday

The ongoing Korean drama Knight Flower, Episode 10 saw a big ratings rise in South Korea last night, despite the K-drama airing on the Lunar New Year main holiday day (Saturday).

The latest Nielsen Korea numbers show Knight Flower, Episode 10 earning 12.9 percent of the viewership nationwide.

That percentage of the audience share is a big jump from its previous episode’s already strong rating of 11.0 percent.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, the Korean drama grabbed 12.1 percent of the audience share, which is also a substantial rise from Episode 9’s rating of 10.3 percent.

With those ratings, Knight Flower also ended up being the second most-watched TV show of Saturday, while also being #1 in its time slot.

Knight Flower stars the superb cast of Lee Hanee (aka Honey Lee), alongside Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo.

The Korean drama is based on the popular webtoon The Flower That Blooms at Night, by Ttol-i, Jeongro, Yuna, Beth, Lee Sam, and Jeong Myung In.

The final two episodes of the Honey Lee-led drama will air next week, February 16th and 17th, on MBC TV in South Korea.

Streaming services Viki and KOCOWA will stream them for their international subscribers.

With such high ratings for its previous episodes, we can likely expect Knight Flower’s ratings to rise even higher for its series finale.

Photo: Still from Knight Flower courtesy MBC

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