Lee Jong Won and Kim Se Jeong to star in drama In the Name of Alcohol? Here’s what we know..

Korean entertainment news media is reporting actors Lee Jong Won and Kim Se Jeong may be starring together in an upcoming drama called In the Name of Alcohol (working title).

The drama, which is titled 주의 이름으로 in Korean (aka ‘In the Name of the Lord‘) is said to be a rom-com about the female salesperson for a liquor company and a man who owns a local brewery.

The woman is trying to save her company, which is currently in crisis, so you can only imagine how aggressive her sales tactics may be.

And a premise that hasn’t been covered in recent Korean dramas, so could be fun.

Park Seon Ho, director of A Business Proposal, My Strange Hero and Wok of Love, is directing.

Roles offered to Lee Jong Won and Kim Se Jeong?

According to Lee Jong Won’s Agency The Black Label, the actor has been offered a lead role in the drama and is “currently reviewing it positively”.

If he accepts, he would likely be playing the part of the brewer, while Kim Se Jeong would take the role of the sales rep.

There is no word yet from Kim Se Jeong’s agency as to her involvement, if any, with the project.

Should she accept the role, however, it would be her second time working with director Park Seon Ho, as she also starred in his hit drama A Business Proposal.

Lee Jong Won and Kim Se Jeong’s past roles

Actor Lee Jong Won has been very busy in the last couple of years starring in dramas like Knight Flower, In Your Dream, The Golden Spoon, and XX.

His 2022-filmed drama Bad-Memory Eraser is also supposed to release later this year.

Should he accept a role in In the Name of Alcohol, it will be his first time working with both Kim Se Jeong and Park Seon Ho, but being paired with Kim Se Jeong would be fun to watch, eh?

As for Kim Se Jeong (aka Sejeong), the actress and former member of girl groups  I.O.I and Gugudan recently starred in dramas The Uncanny Counter (1 and 2), Today’s Webtoon, the aforementioned A Business Proposal, and I Wanna Hear Your Song.

We will keep you updated as more news about In the Name of Alcohol is released.

Meanwhile, watch Lee Jong Won in Knight Flower on Viki, and Kim Se Jeong in The Uncanny Counter on Netflix.

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