Strong Knight Flower, Episode 9 ratings despite holiday weekend

Still of Honey Lee in Knight Flower – courtesy MBC

Ratings for tonight’s episode of Knight Flower

The latest episode of the hit K-drama series, Knight Flower, Episode 9, aired on MBC in South Korea earlier tonight, garnering considerable attention from viewers.

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode achieved a solid 11.0 percent of the nationwide audience share.


Although this figure marks a slight decline from the previous episode‘s 12.6 percent, it remains a noteworthy accomplishment. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Seoul Ratings for Knight Flower, Episode 9

In Seoul, Knight Flower, Episode 9 experienced a similar dip in ratings compared to its previous episode.

Episode 9 secured 10.3 percent of the city’s viewership, down from Episode 8’s rating of 12.5 percent.

Despite this decrease, Knight Flower continues to maintain a strong presence in the capital’s television landscape.

Remarkable Knight Flower Performance Amidst Holiday Celebrations

Tonight’s Knight Flower, Episode 9’s ratings are particularly impressive given the ongoing Korean Lunar New Year festivities, known as Seollal, which began today.

With much of South Korea attending family gatherings and other festivities over the three-day weekend, the fact that Knight Flower managed to capture such a significant portion of the television audience then is commendable.

Impact of Lunar New Year on This Weekend’s Programming

The significance of Knight Flower‘s strong ratings tonight becomes even more apparent considering the adjustments made by competing networks.

SBS TV, for instance, opted to postpone the airing of its Korean drama, Flex X Cop, on Friday and Saturday evenings due to the Lunar New Year celebrations, as they were obviously anticipating a decline in viewership.

In contrast, MBC’s decision to proceed with Knight Flower underscores the series’ popularity and viewer loyalty.

Upcoming Episode of Knight Flower and Viewing Options

Fans can look forward to the next installment of Knight Flower, starring Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won, in its usual time slot on MBC tomorrow night, Saturday, February 10th,

International viewers will also have the opportunity to stream the episode on Viki following its broadcast.

Notably, Knight Flower maintains an impressive rating of 9.6 out of 10 on Viki, another testament to its widespread appeal.

Steve Reynolds