Why are Flex X Cop Episodes 5 and 6 not airing this weekend? (February 9th and 10th)

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If you headed to Disney Plus to watch Flex X Cop, Episode 5 tonight, or are in South Korea and tried to watch it on SBS, you will likely know by now the latest episode of the Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun-led drama is not available to watch.

The same goes for tomorrow night’s Flex X Cop, Episode 6, which will not be airing or streaming either.

Why are Flex X Cop Episodes 5 and 6 not airing this weekend, in South Korea or anywhere else for that matter? And when will you be able to watch them?

Why are Flex X Cop Episodes 5 and 6 not airing/streaming on February 9th and 10th?

One of the most important holidays for Koreans every year is Seollal, or Korean New Year, which falls on a different date in January or February every year.

It is the time of year when Koreans head off to spend time with family, so most other things they would normally do go by the wayside.

Korean New Year usually entails a three-day holiday for most people, so they have time to travel if their family is not close by.

That three-day holiday is the day before Seollal, the day of, and the day after.

This year, those three days fall on Friday, September 9th, Saturday, September 10th, and Sunday, September 11th, 2024. (see Public Holidays Korea).

Of course, what that also means is many TV shows are cancelled/postponed during that time as, with everyone celebrating the New Year with family, it is likely most TV shows would see a big drop in their ratings as people have festivities to attend.

The same goes for the popular K-drama Flex X Cop then.

The Korean drama was scheduled to air/stream on Friday and Saturday evening this week — during the time when much of South Korea is doing anything but watching TV.

And that’s why Flex X Cop isn’t airing this weekend.

When can you watch Flex X Cop, Episodes 5 and 6?

Don’t be too alarmed about the postponement of Flex X Cop, Episodes 5 and 6, as that is what it is — a postponement, and not a cancellation.

Instead, you will be able to watch Flex X Cop, Episode 5 next Friday, February 16th at its usual time, and Episode 6 on Saturday, February 17th.

Until then, you can re-watch the first four episodes on Disney + or… why not check out another Ahn Bo Hyun or Park Ji Hyun drama instead?

Ahn Bo Hyun’s currently stars in Her Private Life, Yumi’s Cells, and Military Prosecutor Doberman on Viki, and in last year’s See You In My 19th Life on Netflix.

You can watch Park Ji Hyun in Reborn Rich, Do You Like Brahms?, Yumi’s Cells and the film The Divine Fury on Viki.

Meanwhile, listen to Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun send their fans their Lunar New Year greetings in the SBS clip below.


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