Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Sung Min to star in JTBC historical drama? Here’s what we know…

Flex X Cop‘s Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Sung Min (A Bloody Lucky Day) are reportedly in talks to headline an upcoming historical drama on JTBC.

According to Korean news media earlier today, both Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Sung Min have received offers to lead the cast of the upcoming drama titled God’s Beads (working title).

In response to the reports, Ahn Bo Hyun’s agency FN Entertainment made an announcement that, “Our actor has received an offer for the drama God’s Beads, and is currently reviewing it.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Min’s agency, Hodoo Entertainment, has yet to comment on the casting speculation.

What is the God’s Beads drama about?

While only minimal information is available about the new JTBC drama, we do know God’s Beads is an historical saga focusing on the bonds of friendship between members of an expedition group who embark on an important quest to recover their nation’s sacred artifacts.

Including an artifact called “God’s Beads”.

The drama is a collaboration between director Jung Dae Yoon (Reborn Rich) and screenwriter Jung Hyun Min (Assembly) .

It is being reported Ahn Bo Hyun has been offered the role of Baek Gyeol, the leader of the expedition, while Lee Sung Min would be playing the role of Choi Koo, a military officer who accompanies the expedition team.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Lee Sung Min’s recent work

Should Ahn Bo Hyun accept the role in God’s Beads, it would be the second drama for the 35-year-old actor this year, as he is already tapped to reprise his role in Flex X Cop, Season 2.

He also recently starred in the first season of the hit drama Flex X Cop, as well as in See You In My 19th Life, Military Prosecutor Doberman, My Name and Yumi’s Cells.

As for Lee Sung Min, the hard-working actor was the main lead in last year’s psychological thriller A Bloody Lucky Day, as well as in Shadow Detective Seasons 1 and 2, Reborn Rich, and Juvenile Justice, and starred in one of Korea’s most successful film’s ever last year — 12.12: The Day.

He is also one of the main leads in the upcoming historical drama Won Gyeon, which is scheduled to premiere late in 2024 on tvN.

Two superb actors, one very interesting historical drama. Fingers crossed both accept the casting offers, and that the K-drama turns out to be as interesting as it sounds.

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