Flex X Cop Ep 16 ends Season 1 with solid ratings – K-drama already gearing up for Season 2

Photos courtesy SBS TV

The first season of Flex X Cop came to an end on Saturday night with the airing of Episode 16 on SBS TV to solid ratings.

Thus, ending the action adventure K-drama on a very nice high note.

Numbers via Nielsen Korea show Flex X Cop, Episode 16 grabbed 9.3 percent of the viewership nationwide, which was a tiny decrease from its previous episode’s rating of 9.5 percent, but still heading towards double the rating the Ahn Bo Hyun-led drama earned for its first episode.

It also meant, with that solid rating, Flex X Cop, Episode 16 ended the season with a nationwide average of 8.3 percent per episode of its 16-episode run.

Meanwhile, Seoul viewers watched Episode 16 of the K-drama last night in even higher numbers, with the SBS series earning 10.1 percent for the final episode of the season — a small increase from its penultimate episode’s 9.9 percent of the viewership on Friday night.

That means the average rating per episode of Season 1 in Seoul was a higher 8.8 percent.

Flex X Cop, Season 2 in production

As we learned last week, Flex X Cop has already been greenlit for a second season, with an announcement being made confirming the hit Korean drama has already begun preliminary production, with the production committee just waiting to firm up schedules with its lead actors.

Once that happens, it is likely a solid premiere date for Flex X Cop, Season 2 will be announced soon.

Flex X Cop stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, with its first season running every Friday and Saturday evening at 22:00 (KST) from January 26th, to March 23th, 2024.

All 16 episodes of Season 1 are now available to stream on Disney Plus.


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