Flex X Cop Ep 15 earns solid ratings for hit K-drama before season finale tonight

Photo courtesy SBS TV

The South Korean drama Flex X Cop, Episode 15 aired on Disney Plus last night to solid ratings ahead of its season finale, which will air later on tonight.

Numbers from Nielsen Korea show Flex X Cop, Episode 15 earned the SBS drama 9.5 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is right in line with its solid rating of 9.8 percent for its previous episode.

The Korean drama also saw similar ratings in Seoul, earning 9.9 percent of the viewership — only slightly down from its previous episode’s 10.6 percent, and still a massive increase from its first episode of 5.8 percent.

Flex X Cop‘s very successful season

The K-drama premiered on January 26th and immediately saw a sizeable ratings increase when its second episode aired the following day.

By the time Episode 11 hit, Flex X Cop was grabbing ratings almost double those of its first episode (11.0 percent) and, since then, those ratings have remained solid.

Fans then were thrilled when the production company announced earlier this month that a Flex X Cop, Season 2 is now confirmed.

A season that, if ratings and comments by fans on social media about the Korean action comedy are anything to go by, should be another big hit for main leads Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun.

The final episode of Flex X Cop will air on SBS in South Korea tonight, with Disney Plus carrying it in some regions.


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