Flex X Cop’s Park Ji Hyun to star in drama M: Reboot? Horror may be next in her repertoire

Park Ji Hyun in Flex X Cop – photo courtesy SBS

Korean news media is reporting Flex X Cop star Park Ji Hyun may star in upcoming K-drama M: Reboot.

The drama is a remake of a 1994 MBC horror series called M. which starred Kim Ji Soo, Yang Jung Ah, Shim Eun Ha and Lee Chang Hoon.

Park Ji Hyun recently received a main role offer from the production team of M: Reboot and, according to her agency Namoo Actors, “It is one of the projects the actress is reviewing”.

The original M was a 10-episode horror drama that was one of the most popular K-dramas of the 1990s, grabbing 50% of the South Korean viewership at one point, and earning an average rating of 38.6 percent per episode by the time the K-drama ended.

The drama-focused website My Drama List describes the plot of the original M like this:

M is the nickname of the soul of an aborted child that has the purpose to seek revenge on the people who would not allow him to be born.

M entered into the body of the young girl, Park Ma Ri, and from this moment her life has changed and she cannot control herself anymore.

Interestingly, production company Big Ocean E&M, which is the same company to produce Park Ji Hyun’s Flex X Cop (and the upcoming Flex X Cop 2) will also be producing M: Reboot.

Should Park Ji Hyun accept the M: Reboot role, it will be her second or third drama in 2024 (so far), as she is also confirmed to star in the upcoming Netflix K-drama Two Women alongside Kim Go Eun and Kim Gun Woo, and is reportedly reprising her role in Flex X Cop 2.

It will also be one of a several main roles she has played in recent Korean dramas, starting with Dear My Room in 2018, then Do You Like Brahms? in 2020, Love All Play in 2022 and, of course, her role as Detective Lee Kang Hyun in the recently ended hit drama series Flex X Cop.

The 29-year-old actress also seems to mainly accept roles that involve playing complicated characters, which always makes watching her dramas a lot of fun.

As you might expect, there is no more information on Park Ji Hyun’s acceptance or decline of the M:Reboot role as yet other than the official offer being made.

We will let you know when there is.

Meanwhile, if you want to get an idea of what the remake of M may entail, check out the original 1994 series, which is currently streaming on Viki.

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