12.12: The Day heads towards 13 million admissions – already most successful film of 2023 in South Korea

12.12: The Day grosses over $90.5 million

The most successful Korean film of 2023, 12.12: The Day, just became even more successful as the latest information about its ticket sales shows the film has now had 12,538,553 admissions nationwide since it opened on November 22nd, 2023.


By the end of December, the film had also grossed more than $90.5 million from those almost 13 million admissions, which is astounding in a country of just 57.75 million people.

Interestingly too, 12.12: The Day was not a particularly big hit during its opening week but, as actors like leads Jung Woo Sung and Hwang Jung Min participated in an extensive marketing campaign, interest spread, followed by the buzz that came from increased attendance.

By mid-December, the film had sold more than 8.2 million tickets, and those ticket sales just kept on growing.


Jung Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min grab high positions in film actors brand reputation rankings

The success of the film has also meant incredible attention suddenly being directed at Jung Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min and other actors in the film’s cast.

Jung Woo Sung, who plays Major General Lee Tae Shin in 12.12: The Day, hit the #1 spot in the Korean Business Research Institute’s film actors brand reputation rankings at the end of December.

Other actors in the film also grabbed well-deserved attention, with Hwang Jung Min (Major General Chun Doo Gwang) in 3rd place in the rankings, Lee Sung Min (General Jeong Sang Ho) in the 10th spot and Park Hae Joon (Major General Noh Tae Geon) in 28th place.

12.12: The Day tells the fictionalized story of the events surrounding South Korea’s 12 December 1979 military coup.

A coup that led to the Fifth Republic of Korea, a defacto dictatorship.

So far, 12.12: The Day has only been released in South Korea but, fingers crossed, it will get an international release sooner rather than later as this one looks utterly superb.