Hwang Jung Min #3 in film actor brand reputation rankings for December

Hwang Jung Min thanking audiences for 7 million tickets sold for 12.12: The Day, which now has almost 11 million sold

South Korean actor Hwang Jung Min has just been named in the #3 spot on the film actor brand reputation rankings for December, 2023.

The 53-year-old actor moved up into the #3 place after not even appearing in the Top 30 on November’s list.

His arrival in the third place was due to earning a brand reputation score of 7,494,228, which is an increase of more than 325 percent above his November score.

Like Jung Woo Sung, who ended up in the #1 spot in the rankings, Hwang Jung Min’s arrival at #3 is primarily due to his starring role in the now smash-hit movie 12.12: The Day.

The film was released on November 22nd and, in the last month, has become the most successful film of 2023 in South Korea with almost 11 million tickets sold so far.

Hwang Jung Min plays Major General Chun Doo Gwang, one of the film’s two main characters.

A character based on real-life army general Chun Doo Hwan, who was a military dictator who then became president of South Korea.

His performance is being spoken about by both critics and fans alike as one of the best of the year.


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