Knight Flower debuts to high ratings as Lee Ha Nee returns to K-dramas

The new MBC historical action comedy drama Knight Flower premiered tonight, with the drama debuting to very high ratings for an MBC Friday-Saturday night series.


The just-released numbers from Nielsen Korea show Knight Flower, Episode 1 earning 7.9 percent of the audience nationwide, and a 7.7 percent in Seoul.

Both ratings placed the new Korean drama in fourth place on South Korean TV for the day.

The series, which stars Lee Ha Nee (aka Honey Lee), Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo, was originally supposed to premiere some time in the second half of 2023 but was then postponed into January, 2024.

It is the first K-drama Lee Ha Nee has starred in since One the Woman in 2021, as she took a short break due to her marriage followed by the birth of her first child.

What is the plot of Knight Flower about?

The new MBC drama tells the story of Cho Yeo Hwa (played by Lee Ha Nee) who became a widow on her wedding day (shades of Rowoon in The Matchmakers).

15 years later, Yeo Hwa is still living with her in-laws, the most prestigious family in Joseon, and mourning her husband.

In the late evening, however, she dresses in black clothing and a mask and, leaving the family compound, disappears into the night looking for people who may need her help.

All is going well until in Yeo Hwa’s double life, until she bumps into Park Soo Ho (Lee Jong Won), a stuffy officer of the Forbidden Guard Division.

And then she keeps bumping into him.

Now Yeo Hwa is left to wonder, is this a coincidence, or does Soo Ho know about her secret?

The next episode of Knight Flower will air tomorrow tonight, Saturday, January 13th, on MBC  21:50 (KST), with both KOCOWA and Viki streaming the episode for many of its international subscribers.

With such high ratings for Episode 1, likely due to the return of Lee Ha Nee, let’s see if the drama can maintain those ratings going forward.

It very well may as, so far, the premise is fun, the performances are excellent, the humor is actually funny and, come on, it’s Honey Lee.