Knight Flower Episode 8 rating falls but still 2nd most-watched show on TV

Knight Flower, Episode 8 still — Photo courtesy MBC

The latest episode of the Korean period drama Knight Flower, Episode 8, aired in South Korea earlier tonight, experiencing a slight dip in its nationwide ratings compared to its previous episode’s all-time high.

This episode garnered a viewership rating of 12.6 percent, marking a decrease from the previous episode’s 13.1 percent.

Nevertheless, the cast and crew of Knight Flower have little cause for concern, considering the consistent upward trajectory of the drama’s ratings since its premiere.

After all, starting with a modest 7.9 percent viewership for its debut episode, the Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won-led drama quickly surged into double digits by its third episode.

From then on, the Korean drama has maintained consistently high ratings.

Despite tonight’s minor decline, Knight Flower, Episode 8 still claimed the position of the second most-watched TV show in South Korea, trailing only behind the enduring popularity of the family drama Live Your Own Life, which has maintained the top spot since its debut.

The next episode of Knight Flower, which stars Honey Lee (aka Lee Hanee), alongside Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo, will air tomorrow night on MBC in Korea.

Viki will stream the episode for its international subscribers.

With four episodes of the 12-episode K-drama still to air before it ends, let’s see then where Knight Flower‘s ratings go next.

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