Knight Flower Ep 7 is #1 most-watched show on Friday with new personal best rating

Photo courtesy MBC TV

Episode 7 of the Korean comedy period drama Knight Flower aired on MBC tonight to not only another personal ratings record, but was also the #1 most-watched show on TV on Friday.

According to the new numbers from Nielsen Korea, Knight Flower, Episode 7 earned 13.1 percent of the nationwide viewership.

That is another increase from the drama’s previous episode — something that has been happening for almost every episode since the K-drama premiered on January 12th.

In the case of Episode 7, that 13.1 percent rating was a very healthy increase from Episode 6’s already high rating of 12.5 percent.

The Korean drama also saw a similarly excellent ratings increase, going from Episode 6’s 12.5 percent to tonight’s 12.7 percent.

That also made Knight Flower the #1 most-watched show on TV in Seoul as well.

International viewers continue to enjoy Knight Flower

Overseas, the Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won-led drama is also still delighting audiences, who are still rating the Korean drama high on several websites.

My Drama List users are still rating Knight Flower with a very healthy 8.3 out of 10, as well as commenting how much they are enjoying the show.

So much so, comments about both the main leads and the plot often look like this:

This is such a unique story. I was laughing my ass off, whenever the female lead did one of her shenanigans, was suppressing tears, whenever she was sitting alone in front of the shrine and was swooning whenever she was with the male lead.

What an amazing cocktail of emotions.

Seriously love it. No old recycled story, no pretty young dolls without facial expressions, no damsel in distress, no mediocre acting. Although the male lead is younger, he is a mature guy and a good match.


Fantastic show! I have literally been clapping at scenes sitting here! The micro expressions and the little details are just fantastic! and the Viki comments are so much fun!

This is the first time I am watching the 1st and 2nd lead pairs, but I can say, they are really really good actors! nuanced!

Over on Viki, where the Korean drama is streaming for international viewers, the comments are similarly positive while the platform’s subscribers are rating Knight Flower a crazy high 9.6 out of 10 (and yes, it deserves it).

The next episode of Knight Flower will air tomorrow night (Saturday, February 3rd) and, the way things are going, do not be surprised if the K-drama’s ratings rise again.

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