Knight Flower Ep 6 ratings rise again giving Honey Lee a solid hit

Photo courtesy MBC

Knight Flower second most-watched TV show in Korea on Saturday night

The ongoing Honey Lee-led Korean drama Knight Flower, Episode 6 aired earlier tonight in South Korea to even higher ratings than its previous episode, grabbing its highest audience share yet.

According to the latest numbers just out from Nielsen Korea, Knight Flower, Episode 6 earned 12.5 percent of the audience share nationwide.


That is over a 1.0 percent increase from its already high rating of 11.4 percent for Episode 5.

The ratings for the MBC drama in Seoul were also 12.5 percent, which is a solid increase from its previous episode’s rating of 12.0 percent.

Both ratings made Knight Flower the second most-watched TV show in South Korea for all of Saturday, behind Live Your Own Life in its usual first place.

Honey Lee definitely has a hit on her hands with Knight Flower

Considering Knight Flower started off with a 7.9 percent rating nationwide and a 7.7 percent in Seoul for its first episode, at this point we can easily say the drama has become a welcome hit for Honey Lee (aka Lee Hanee) and her co-stars Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo.

Especially as the only drop in ratings it has experienced occurred last week when the K-drama was up against an AFC Asian Cup football game airing on a different channel.

Knight Flower airs on MBC in South Korea every Friday and Saturday night, with Viki streaming the K-drama for its international subscribers.

The drama, by the way, is also one of Viki’s big hits this season, currently being rated a 9.5 out of 10 by the platform’s subscribers.

The second half of the Korean drama will kick off next week with Episode 7 airing on Friday, September 2nd at 21:50 (KST).