Knight Flower Ep 4 had huge ratings drop but there’s a reason for it

Photo courtesy MBC

The South Korean comedy period drama Knight Flower, Episode 4 aired on MBC TV last night to a huge ratings drop — both nationwide and in Seoul.

The latest data from Nielsen Korea shows Knight Flower dropped from Friday night’s all-time-high rating of 10.8 percent to last night’s 7.9 percent.


That is almost a 3.0 percent drop in audience share from one day to the next.

In Seoul, the K-drama experienced an even bigger drop, falling from Episode 3’s rating of 11.0 percent to Saturday night’s 7.2 percent.

That drop is almost 4.0 percent (3.8 percent).

But, even with that drop, Knight Flower still ended up as the most-watched MBC show on all of Saturday.

The reason for the Knight Flower, Episode 4 ratings drop

There was, however, an easy explanation for why the Honey Lee-led drama Knight Flower experienced such a large ratings drop on Saturday night.

That reason was the K-drama aired at the same time as the AFC Asian Cup game between South Korea and Jordan and, Korea being a nation of football fans, many households TVs were tuned to the game.

Whether the Knight Flower fan liked it or not.

In other words, when the next episode of Knight Flower airs on Friday, January 26th, it is highly likely the Korean drama will be back into double digit ratings.

It really is that popular.

Knight Flower stars Honey Lee (aka Lee Hanee), Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo.

It airs on MBC every Friday and Saturday evening at at 21:50 (KST), with Viki and KOCOWA streaming it for international viewers.