Lee Do Gyeom turns 32 today – currently starring in daily drama Unpredictable Family

Happy Birthday to Lee Do GyeomThe Korean actor and model is 34 today.

He spent much of 2023 starring as film director Kang Seon Woo in the 122-eps daily drama Unpredictable Family, which is still airing on KBS1 and expected to end in early March, 2024.

He also played recent guest roles in Again My Life, Melting Me Softly and My Healing Love.

In the past, Lee Do Gyeom has also starred as protagonist Kang Min in My Ex Diary, as well as played support roles in Prison Playbook, Your House Helper and While You Were Sleeping,

Let’s see what Lee Do Gyeom does in 2024, once Unpredictable Family has ended, eh?

Although, after acting in 122 episodes of a Monday through Friday drama, he may feel like a bit of a rest first.

And yep the now-34-year-old actor is most definitely a hottie.

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