Lee Jong Suk turns down drama from ‘Goblin’ director due to “scheduling conflicts”

Lee Jong Suk in Romance is a Bonus Book

Well, this is disappointing news.

According to Korea’s Star News, Lee Jong Suk has turned down a role in the upcoming drama I’m Against My Romance (working title) from Lee Eung Bok, the acclaimed director of ‘Goblin’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun’ .

Soon after the Star News report, the drama’s production company Studio Dragon confirmed the 34-year-old actor would not be accepting a role in the drama, with a comment that it was “because of scheduling conflicts due to the actor’s film shooting”.

In the same report, Star News also stated Go Min Si, the actress who had been slated to star alongside Lee Jong Suk in the drama, had also turned down her role.

Studio Dragon insisted, however, that was not true as they had not yet received a response from her about the role that had been offered.

What is Lee Jong Suk doing in 2024?

Interestingly too, Lee Jong Suk does not seem to be overly scheduled in 2024 as the only news that has been out about the actor in the last few months is that he had decided not to re-sign with his agency HighZium Studio.

It was later reported (in November) that he was also establishing his own production company in collaboration with Ace Factory.

In fact, Lee Jong Suk’s latest roles were quite a while ago in the 2022 drama Big Mouth and in the movie Decibel, also in the same year.

So far then, 2024 looks just about as sparse for Lee Jong Suk as 2023.

Hopefully that will change, however, as the actor is incredibly talented, with his performances in Romance is a Bonus Book and While You Were Sleeping hugely contributing to the success of those dramas.

We will keep you posted as we learn more. Both about Lee Jong Suk, and about the casting of I’m Against My Romance.


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