Like Flowers in Sand Ep 6 earns best rating as viewers praise Jang Dong Yoon’s performance

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Episode 6 takes Like Flowers in Sand over 2.0 percent rating for first time

Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 6 took the Korean drama to its halfway point tonight, and also gave the Jang Dong Yoon-led series its best rating yet.

According to the new numbers from Nielsen Korea, Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 6 grabbed 2.14 percent of the audience share for the day.

That is an increase from its previous episode’s 1.85 percent rating, and the first time the Korean coming-of-age drama has made it passed the 2.00 percent mark.

It also put the drama in 2nd place in its time slot on Thursday night.

International viewers still commenting positively about Like Flowers in Sand

Like Flowers in Sand is also streaming via Netflix, with international audiences continuing to give it strong ratings while commenting favorably after each new episode streams.

Users of My Drama List, although still annoyed at their favorite actors constantly being hit by the women in their on-screen lives, seem to be particularly enjoying the drama’s performances.

After Episode 6 aired, one commented:

I am so impressed by Dong Yoon performance in this series. He is required to be both a dramatic and a comedy actor and he shines on both. He is such a committed actor. He has a great partner in Lee Joo Myung (FL) amazing performance too.

Dong Yoon has been lucky this year with two very good series, this one and My Man is Cupid with Nana (FL), both his CPs portrayed very strong and determined women and have great chemistry with him.

It feels this series has a slow start but actually we are presented with many elements in a subtle way that it takes a while to get into.

Another viewer said:

I think its the character interactions that are the most compelling aspect to this drama. In particular how Kim Baek Doo (played by Jang Dong Yoon) relates and interacts with those around him.

The dynamic’s of his different relationships can be both happy and sad, and yet its something I find very relatable.

Like Flowers in Sand will head into its final half with Episode 7 airing next Wednesday evening (January 10th) on ENA in South Korea, and with Netflix streaming it for their international subscribers.


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