Like Flowers in Sand Ep 9 audience share still strong with 3 episodes left to air

Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 9 aired on ENA tonight to another solid rating.

This time, the Korean coming-of-age drama grabbed 2.35 percent of the nationwide audience share, which is just about the same as the 2.39 percent it earned for its previous episode — the drama’s all-time best rating up to now.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, Episode 9 of the K-drama earned 2.24 percent of the nation’s capital’s audience.

That is a very slight decrease from Episode 8’s rating of 2.35 percent, but still an incredibly strong rating considering the drama began on December 20th to a rating that was in the low 1.0 percent range.

With just three episodes left to air in the drama series, it is also likely Like Flowers in Sand‘s solid ratings will continue through to its end.

Especially as so many more recent viewers seem to have now realized the Korean drama is one of the most underrated of the season.

Like Flowers in Sand stars the (I have to say “perfect”) cast of Jang Dong Yoon, Lee Ju Myoung, Yoon Jong Seok, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Jae Joon, and Lee Joo Seung.

The Korean drama’s next episode will air on ENA in South Korea tomorrow night, January 18th, at 21:00 (KST), with Netflix streaming the episode for its international subscribers soon after.

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