Live Your Own Life Ep 35 grabs new personal rating record AGAIN

Photo courtesy KBS

As the ongoing K-drama Live Your Own Life continues to dominate weekend TV, both on Saturday and Sunday, yesterday the drama grabbed a new personal rating record.



Nielsen Korea is reporting the Live Your Own Life, Episode 35 rating was back over the 20.0 percent mark, but this time hitting a new high of 21.4 percent.

That is a big increase from Episode 34’s rating of 17.6 percent.

Although to be fair Episode 34 did drop in the ratings, as did almost every other drama, due to a televised football game between South Korea and Jordan.

As for Live Your Own Life, Episode 35’s ratings in Seoul, the Korean drama also earned its highest rating in that region as well — garnering 19.8 percent of the audience.

Both the nationwide and Seoul rating also made the drama the most-watched show on Korean TV for all of Sunday. For the 15th time.

Live Your Own Life stars Uee, Ha Jun, and Go Joo Won, and airs on KBS2 on Saturday and Sunday at 20:05 (KST).

International viewers can watch the Korean family drama on Viki, where it has also been earning very strong ratings since it premiered.