Longing for You Ep 9 earns HIGHEST rating so far as drama HEATS up

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The Korean mystery thriller Longing for You, Episode 9 earned its highest rating yesterday, with a rating almost double that of its first episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, Longing for You, Episode 9 garnered 2.77 percent of the audience share, which was a decent increase from its previous episode’s 2.54 percent, as well as a huge increase from its first episode’s 1.40 percent nationwide.

In Seoul, Longing for You earned an even higher 2.90 percent rating, which was not its highest rating in that region (that was Episode 7 with a 3.06 percent rating).

Ignore the international ratings for Longing for You

Meanwhile, if you have checked viewer ratings on Google, IMDB and Viki, where Longing for You is streaming, and wondered why they are so absymally low, you may as well just ignore the ratings completely and judge the show yourself. (I did, and so am thoroughly enjoying the drama so far as it does not deserve the low ratings it has received).

That is because the low international Longing for You ratings are due to yet another Arab campaign to destroy the reputation of a Korean drama because some Arab viewers don’t like how something about Arab culture was portrayed.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago during the airing of King the Land, with some Arab viewers attempting to destroy the show, and even threatening the murder of various actors in it) due to the portrayal of one character who was not even identified as an Arab.

Of course, like all these ridiculous troll campaigns, all they do is ensure the drama earns even more attention and, thus, more viewers and more success, as can now be seen due to Longing for You earning increased attention for its latest episode.

Longing for You stars Na In Woo, Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yul, Bae Jong Ok, Lee Kyu Han, and Jung Sang Hoon

Longing for You, Episode 9 is now streaming via ENA with the next episode due to release later on tonight.

Viki is currently streaming the mystery drama for international viewers.

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