Maestra: Strings of Truth ends on highest ever rating – Episode 12 is #1 in time slot

Photo courtesy tvN

As a huge fan of the just ended Korean drama Maestra: Strings of Truth, I am happy to report the final episode aired on tvN in South Korea last night to its highest ever rating.

According to data from Nielsen Korea just released, Maestra: Strings of Truth, Episode 12 earned 6.78 percent of the nationwide audience share on Sunday night.


That rating is an increase from its previous episode’s 5.99 percent, and also placed the drama in the #1 spot in its time slot.

The Korean thriller performed just as well in Seoul, where the drama’s ratings were the same as its previous episode’s highest ever rating — 6.74 percent.

International viewers satisified with Maestra: Strings of Truth ending?

Many international viewers also seem to be happy with the Maestra: Strings of Truth series finale, with comments on My Drama List (where the K-drama is rated a strong 8.1 out of 10) overwhelmingly positive about the K-drama and its final episode.

Comments range from:

Loved that last concert scene, it was truly breathtaking.


A very rare 10/10 drama for me. Everything from the casting, to the plot to the production was perfect. the performances by the leads always left me wanting more.


Wow this drama is good! I loved all of it and will probably watch it again. Actually I miss it already.

The reason I watched this is because someone said it’s a less crazy version of The Penthouse. I really loved The Penthouse so I decided to give this go and I’m so glad I did!! I think this drama deserves more attention from the international audience.

I’ve seen some of the supporting cast before, like Park Ho San, but the main cast I haven’t watched before but I was really impressed with them all.

And yes, Maestra: Strings of Truth does star the perfect cast of Lee Young Ae, Lee Moo Saeng, Kim Young Jae, and Hwang Bo Reum Byeol.

All 12 episodes of Maestra: Strings of Truth are now available to watch in some international regions via Disney Plus.