Minami’s ‘Time Gram’ music video hits all the feels and that song is gorgeous

Minami’s ‘Time Gram‘ is powerful and touchingly sad

Another gorgeous animated music video from the incredible Japanese singer songwriter Minami has just hit the singer’s official YouTube channel.

This time, it is a music video for Minami’s ‘Time Gram‘, one of the tracks from her recently released LOSE LOOSE Day EP, which came out via Warner Music Japan on March 22nd.

It is a song that, in typical Minami fashion, hits all the feels as she sings about being left behind by the person she loves.

Someone she believes doesn’t even remember who she is anymore.

But, even though she knows that, she still refuses to forget him or to move on with her life.

Minami’s ‘Time Gram‘ music video

As you might expect from the previous animated music videos Minami has uploaded to YouTube, Minami’s ‘Time Gram‘ music video has quite a simple concept.

The video features a girl floating in her room while she stares at the screen of her phone waiting for a phone call from someone who is obviously never going to call.

As she stares, items begin to arrive around her — a chair, a table, a desk, pillows, a plant, a lamp — which then begin to circle around her, until she is left in the center of a whirling storm of things.

The video ends with the things having spun themselves into oblivion, with Minami left behind to say it doesn’t matter where the person went or if they have forgotten her, she remembers when she met them, and she is still happy she did.

And, of course, that she will still “sing until my last breath”.

Minami’s LOSE LOOSE Day EP features five superb tracks (let’s face it, with Minami’s incredibly powerful voice, it is difficult to hate anything this phenomenal singer puts out).

But the fifth and final track on the EP ‘Time Gram‘ has been my favorite since the EP came out.

So yes, I am very happy to see it finally get such a beautiful and quite powerful music video.

By the way, ‘Time Gram‘ was written by Minami (words and music), and was arranged by Minami and Katsuhiro Mafune.

Watch Minami’s ‘Time Gram‘ music video below, then do what I did the minute it came out. Replayed and replayed and replayed, then headed to Spotify to listen to the song again and again.

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