Strong Girl Nam Soon E5 has LARGE fall in ratings but ONE reason why is obvious

Photo courtesy JTBC

The Korean drama Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 5 saw a substantial fall in ratings last night when it aired on JTBC in South Korea.

According to Nielsen Korea, Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 5 ratings dropped from its previous episode’s rating of 9.76 percent to last night’s 7.27 percent nationwide.

A drop of 2.49 percent episode on episode.

In Seoul, Strong Girl Nam Soon also saw a similar drop falling from Episode 4’s series-highest rating of 10.54 percent to last night’s 7.92 percent — an even higher 2.62 percent drop.

Strong Girl Nam Soon‘s rival drama airs 100-minute episode

While there can be several reasons for a drama’s drop that large in just one episode, one reason for last night’s drop does stand out.

That reason is the special 100-minute episode MBC aired of the historical dram My Dearest — a rival drama as its scheduled air time overlaps that of JTBC’s Strong Girl Nam Soon.

Last night, instead of the usual 40-minute overlap of Strong Girl Nam Soon, the extra-long My Dearest episode overlapped almost its entire episode.

In other words, while the drama did see a subtantial drop in last night’s ratings, chances are it will rebound tonight when its rival dramas do not include My Dearest.

The next episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon airs on JTBC at 22:30 (KST), with Netflix streaming the drama for international viewers.

A streaming platform, I might add, where the drama is massively popular.

Now watch the cute ‘Making of Strong Girl Nam Soon‘ video courtesy of JTBC below.


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