The Real Has Come, Ep 10 viewership MASSIVELY increases to drama’s largest yet

The Real Has Come, Episode 10 viewership numbers show ever-increasing fan base

I have to say I might be regretting my decision to drop the Korean weekend drama The Real Has Come after its third episode ever since the ratings numbers have been coming in over the last two weeks.

Ratings that are seeing this 50-episode KBS2 drama only growing its audience the longer it runs.

Case in point, the just-released The Real Has Come, Episode 10 viewership numbers that show the romantic comedy family drama not only earning its largest audience of the series so far, but also have it grabbing 3 percent more of the audience than its already-popular previous episode.

The Real Has Come, Episode 10 viewership numbers released by Nielsen Korea earlier today show the drama earned 21.1 percent of the audience nationwide in Korea, which is up 3 percent from the ninth episode’s already-high 20.1 percent.

Those numbers put the episode firmly in the #1 spot nationwide yet again.

In Seoul, the KBS2 drama performed a little worse with an 18.1 percent audience share, but still a huge enough number of viewers to easily place it in the day’s top spot for most-viewed show.

International viewers also seem to be addicted to The Real Has Come

Internationally, The Real Has Come, Episode 10 viewership also seem to be happy with where the melodrama is heading as they comment on various social media platforms including My Drama List, even as they complain about the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

Complaints that, by the way, only show a teeny tiny minority saying they will be dropping the series, with the rest dying to know what happens next.

The next episode of the Saturday/Sunday drama The Real Has Come will air on Saturday, April 29th at 19:55 (KST) on KBS2 followed by a release for international viewers around the same time on Viki.

I have a feeling, while I may not pick the drama up again next week as I am the type who prefers to binge-watch as many episodes as I can, The Real Has Come is probably one of the few Korean dramas I will likely give another shot long before its final episode premieres.

After all, who am I to argue with the ever-growing The Real Has Come, Episode 10 viewership numbers, eh?


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