The Real Has Come Ep 24 ratings RISE as drama heads to HALFWAY point – Yep, we’re not even halfway there yet

Photo courtesy KBS2

The Korean weekend drama The Real Has Come, Episode 24 ratings are in from Nielsen Korea, and the cast and production crew should be pleased.

After all, with still more than half of the KBS2 weekend drama yet to go (yep, it is 50 episodes in total), it is important audiences remain invested in its characters and plot.

With last night’s The Real Has Come, Episode 24 ratings it appears they still are as the drama earned 21.0 percent of the audience share nationwide, with a slightly lower 19.7 percent share in Seoul.

Both those ratings are higher than the family drama’s previous episode, with a 1.6 percent increase nationwide and a 1.70 percent increase in Seoul.

They are also the highest the weekend drama has earned in both regions since its 10th episode on April 23rd, as well as enough to keep The Real Has Come as the most watched show of any kind on Sunday.

International viewers of The Real Has Come

Viewers outside South Korea currently watching The Real Has Come seem to be just as addicted to the weekend drama as do those in South Korea.

The Ahn Jae Hyun-led drama is currently rated an 8.1 out of 10 on My Drama List (a good rating for that website).

Many international viewers are also commenting after The Real Has Come, Episode 24 aired last night how much they enjoyed this weekend’s episodes.

On Viki, where the drama is also airing internationally, The Real Has Come is currently rated with a 9.1 out of 10.

Some users of that streaming platform say that, while the Korean drama is definitely an “over the top telenova-type show” with crazy characters and impossible situations, it is still incredibly fun to watch.

The Real Has Come is airing outside South Korea via Viki and on Netflix.

On Netflix, however, the release of each episode on the streaming platform is massively delayed in some regions — here in Austria, for instance, we only have access to Episodes 1 and 2!


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