The Uncanny Counter 2 Ep 2 SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASES ratings from first episode

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As I predicted yesterday, The Uncanny Counter 2, Episode 2 aired last night on tvN in South Korea to substantially increased ratings over its first episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, those ratings for The Uncanny Counter 2, Episode 2 were 5.44 percent nationwide, which was a big increase over Episode 1’s 3.94 percent.

In Seoul, the superhero action drama performed even better garnering 5.52 percent of the audience share, which was another big increase over the first episode’s 3.94 percent.

With ratings increasing that quickly, it is very likely that trend will continue throughout the drama’s planned 12-episode run.

Just like it did during the drama’s first season.


The Uncanny Counter 2 international viewers

International viewers still seem to be enamoured of The Uncanny Counter 2, with those commenting and rating via My Drama List still overwhelmingly positive about the drama’s second season.

Comments after The Uncanny Counter 2, Episode 2 range from:

Oh… can’t get enough of this drama. August 5th, please come hurriedly.


I’m honestly happy and satisfied with the first two episodes. I was wondering if it can bring back the excitement that I felt during the first season (although I already can’t remember exactly what the plot was but I still know how they work as a counter) and it did. In fact, I am sort of speechless.

The villains are insane and they are much more evil this time (. . and uh hot too. Kiyoung and Hieora? Wow. ) I’m surprised too with the guy who has no eyebrows. It’s my first time to see him and he already nailed his character.

I also want to add Yoo In Soo. He’s really versatile (just like Kiyoung). He’s so funny here and I couldn’t stop smiling whenever I see him.

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch airs on tvN in South Korea every Saturday and Sunday at 21:20 (KST).

Netflix streams each new episode for international viewers in select regions right after it airs.


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