Uhm Jung Hwa eats a strict diet before she works out (or…not)

Uhm Jung Hwa struggling with a frozen avocado 🙂

Uhm Jung Hwa eats specific food 3 hours before she works out

While watching the Korean drama Doctor Cha a few months ago, I stumbled across lead actress Uhm Jung Hwa’s YouTube channel.

I have been addicted ever since.

On it, Uhm Jung Hwa uploads vlogs of house tours, closet tours, exercising, cooking, shows off her shoes, how she shops on her phone, and all kinds of other personal lifestyle-style vids.

One of her most recent videos is about the strict diet she eats.

A diet created by her personal trainer, with a meal she is supposed to eat 3 hours before she begins working out comprising “proteins, carbs and veggies”.


According to the actress, she is re-building muscle after having been injured while filming a couple of years ago and so spending a long time not being able to work out because of it.

Part of re-building that muscle means eating the right foods that are optimal for health, as good nutrition goes a long way towards fixing any problems your body might have.

What does Uhm Jung Hwa eat before working out?

In her video titled ‘See How Uhm Jung Hwa Manages Her Health with Delicious Meals!‘, she welcomes a friend into her home and goes about making the type of meal her trainer has told her to eat.

In that day’s case, it is an avocado shake, grilled chicken, a salad, and grilled cheese on toast. All accompanied by a home-brewed coffee.

As Uhm Jung Hwa explains to her friend, she usually makes her own food and rarely orders delivery as you really have no idea how delivery food is made.

That means it could include ingredients she is not supposed to eat.

Of course, being the quite cheeky and laidback person Uhm Jung Hwa seems to be, it turns out she is nowhere near as strict with her meals as her trainer would probably like.

As she explains to her friend (with a smile) as she puts pieces of imported cheese onto the bread she is about to toast, “My trainer doesn’t know about this. I tell him I just have plain toast”.

Shush, don’t tell him, eh?

Watch Uhm Jung Hwa showing the typical food she eats before she works outs in the video below (click the ‘CC’ for English subs) and enjoy how cute and funny she is as she potters around her kitchen doing it.

You can follow her on her “Umaizing” YouTube channel for more.

And, if you missed her latest drama Doctor Cha, it is currently streaming on Netflix.