Unveiling ENA’s Midnight Studio Poster: Meet the Captivating Crew Behind the Ghostly Lens!

Introducing Midnight Studio: A thrilling tale of life, death, and photography

ENA’s latest K-drama Midnight Studio promises an enthralling narrative set in a unique backdrop where life and death converge through the lens of a professional photo studio.

The story revolves around main characters Seo Ki Joo, an unfriendly photographer, and Han Bom, a passionate lawyer, as they navigate the mysterious world of their photo studio’s night guests.

Meet the Crew: the interesting characters behind the lens

In the eerie ambiance of Midnight Studio, we encounter a diverse cast of characters who bring the story to life.

The newly revealed Midnight Studio poster offers a glimpse into the enigmatic setting of the upcoming Korean drama, showcasing the studio’s crew amidst the ghostly ambiance of their workplace.

Seo Ki Joo: The seventh-generation photographer

First, Seo Ki Joo, portrayed by Joo Won, is the photo studio’s seventh-generation photographer, inheriting a legacy of capturing the final moments of the departed.

As the owner of Midnight Studio, Seo Ki Joo possesses a unique skill set inherited through generations.

His camera, a device of extraordinary power and only able to be operated by Ki Joo, captures photographs that aid the departed in their journey to the afterlife.

Assistant Manager Ko and Baek Nam Goo: Pillars of Midnight Studio

Meanwhile Assistant Manager Go Dae Ri (Yoo In Soo) and rookie Baek Nam Goo (Eum Moon Suk) serve as indispensable pillars of Midnight Studio, each contributing their expertise to cater to the needs of the night guests.

While Ko attends to the guests’ grievances with compassion, Baek Nam Goo, drawing from his past as a detective, tackles more complex cases.

That both are also ghosts adds to the intrigue of the photo studio, as they both arrived in the studio for different reasons, and then opted to stay for their own unique reasons.

You can detect their ghostly presence from the new Midnight Studio poster, as both men do not appear to be as solidly built as Seo Ki Joo and the yet-to-be-introduced lawyer Han Bom.

Han Bom: Adding a human touch to the ghostly realm

Completing the quartet is Han Bom (played by Kwon Na Ra), a lawyer with a strong sense of duty and justice.

Other than Seo Ki Joo, she is the only other human amidst the photography studio’s crew.

That being said, what Ki Joo does is important, as she brings a unique perspective to Midnight Studio, specializing in assisting ghost clients with their legal matters.

After all, even if they have passed on, there are still important legal matters their families are left to deal with even after they have gone.

Just looking at the official Midnight Studio poster, you will see the upcoming Korean drama promises an intriguing blend of mystery, drama, and supernatural elements, brought to life by its captivating crew and their enthralling journey through the realms of life and death.

A crew that, from their demeanor on the poster and in the recently released Midnight Studio teaser trailer, also seem to be very happy to be working together.

When does Midnight Studio premiere?

Midnight Studio is directed by veteran director Song Hyun Wook (The King’s Affection), and was written by Kim Yi Rang (Not a Robot).

The upcoming Monday-Tuesday K-drama Midnight Studio will premiere on ENA in South Korea on March 11 at 10 p.m. KST.

No word yet on which international streaming platform will be distributing the K-drama to international viewers, but we will likely get that news soon.

Until then, check out the official Midnight Studio teaser trailer, and you will see just some of the trials and tribulations the photo studio crew is forced to deal with.

But doesn’t that look like fun?


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