Watch Brave Citizen trailer as Shin Hye Sun kicks bullying student Lee Jun Young’s rear end (video)

Another full-length trailer for the upcoming Korean vigilante action film Brave Citizen has just come out, just in time for the movie’s release in South Korea on October 25th.

Brave Citizen is based on a popular webtoon and stars Shin Hye Sun (See You in My 19th Life) and Lee Jun Young (May I Help You) as aspiring boxer turned substitute teacher So Si Min and bullying student Han Sun Kang.

In the film, the teacher who gave up on her boxing career years before dons a mask and fights against both the bully and others who are also causing problems.

In the Brave Citizen trailer, we get to see just some of Han Sun Kang’s horrible behavior, and how much it bothers So Si Min.

So much, in fact, she is soon figuring out a way to take the nasty student down. Literally and figuratively.

Latest Brave Citizen poster featuring Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young

Brave Citizen is directed by Park Jin Pyo (You Are My Sunshine), and also co-stars the utterly wonderful Cha Chung Hwa (Song of the Bandits and Hometown Cha Cha Cha) and just getting started but already talented Park Jung Woo (Salon De Nabi).

The film is produced by StudioN (Sweet Home).

There is no word yet when or where Brave Citizen (aka 용감한 시민 in Korea) will release in the west, (fingers crossed it will be soon, as the film looks very entertaining) but, according to Variety, deals have already been struck for it to stream in Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan so far.

With Asian film right deals closing then, it may not be long before the film gets its western platforms as well.

Until then, check out the Brave Citizen trailer below, along with the recently released new poster for the vigilante film above.

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