Watch Divorce Attorney Shin Ep 2 scene as Lee Seo Jin slaps her husband in the face in court

SPOILERSdon’t read/watch the video if you haven’t already watched Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 2


While I am still holding out with my final opinion on the new Korean drama Divorce Attorney Shin, after just two episodes watched, there has already been some stellar acting and several scenes that really stand out from the crowded K-drama market so far.

In particular, performances from the Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 2 child custody case scene, which are stellar in every way, as Lee Seo Jin (superbly played by Han Hye Jin) finds out her husband showed her sex tape to her nine-year-old son and, as a result, slaps the beejeezus out of him in front of the judge and everyone else in court.

Well done Lee Seo Jin but, if it was me, I would have sucker punched him and knocked him out.

And now that superb Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 2 custody case scene has been released in a Netflix clip this week.

A clip that not only highlights Han Hye Jin’s incredible performance, but also that of Cho Seung Woo who plays Attorney Shin Sung Han.

A man who calmly points out to the judge he probably shouldn’t award custody to a sick, twisted man who thought showing his nine-year-old son a sex tape featuring his mother was the appropriate thing to do.

Watch/rewatch Lee Seo Jin slap her husband in the face, hard, in the custody court scene from Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 2 below.

An event that, thankfully, very quickly leads to the resolution of the custody case.

The drama itself is now streaming on Netflix, with two new episodes being added every week.

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Michelle Topham