What happened to Live Your Own Life Ep 4? When will it air, and why are S. Koreans happy about its absence?

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Live Your Own Life, Episode 2 postponed

Viewers who are already addicted to the Uee-led South Korean drama Live Your Own Life are likely upset today as Episode 4 did not materialize on streaming channels last night.

Nor did it air on KBS2 in South Korea.

What happened to Live Your Own Life, Episode 4? Why did it not air, when will you be able to watch it, and why are many in South Korea probably not that bothered it didn’t air?

Why did Live Your Own Life, Episode 4 not air on Sunday night?

Just like last week’s episode of My Lovely Boxer, which was postponed due to the ongoing Asian Games coverage in South Korea, Episode 4 of Live Your Own Life did not air last night due to the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China being aired on KBS2 instead.

Having lived in Asia for 15 years, I can attest to how popular the Asian Games coverage is in most countries in that region — just as popular as major American football, baseball or basketball events, for instance.

It is not surprising then that KBS2 would air the sporting event over the next episode of an ongoing drama.

Especially as, last night, the football match (soccer for Americans) between South Korea and Bahrain was being played.

A game that was enormously important for the South Korean men’s team, who are currently aiming to win their third consecutive Gold medal in the sport.

A feat that has never been achieved by any other country before.

Luckily for South Korean football fans, who must be thrilled Live Your Own Life didn’t air, not only did the South Korean team beat Bahrain 3-0, they also finished out the group stage without losing a single game.

That means the team is now well on its way to making Asian Games history. Fingers crossed.

That also means, if you are waiting for Live Your Own Life, Episode 4 to air, unfortunately for you, you will have to wait until Saturday, September 30th when the next episode will premiere.

You can, however, rewatch Episodes 1-3 via Viki before then if you miss Uee, Ha Jun, Ko Joo Won and Kim Do Yon that much.


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