Woo Ji Hyun joins cast of Netflix drama Trigger – another busy year for the Korean actor?

Woo Ji Hyun as Sachimoto in Netflix drama Gyeongseong Creature

Several weeks ago, both Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang were confirmed to be starring in the upcoming Netflix original drama Trigger.

Now it seems actor Woo Ji Hyun will also be joining the cast.


According to Korean news media, Woo Ji Hyun has been confirmed as part of the Trigger cast, which means it will be the 37-year-old actor’s 11th drama in just two years.

Yep, he apparently loves to be busy.

Woo Ji Hyun’s latest role in a K-drama was as Japanese artist Sachimoto in Gyeongseong Creature.

A man who was forced to draw the evil things he saw in Ongseong Hospital, as the Japanese occupying Korea carried out human experimentation on Koreans they had abducted.

The first part of Season 1 of that drama aired in December, 2023, with Part 2 streaming on Netflix early last month.

So it isn’t that long since the actor appeared in a Netflix drama.

Prior to that, Woo Ji Hyun had already played roles in The Deal, The Kidnapping Day, and Dr. Romantic, Season 3 in 2023 alone, with other roles in The Empire, Anna, Anna: Extended Version, and in another Netflix drama, All Of Us Are Dead, in 2022.

With Woo Ji Hyun’s casting now being announced for the upcoming Netflix drama Trigger, it appears he may be becoming a favorite over on the streaming platform.

A place where both Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang also seem to be right at home, as both have starred in recent dramas on the platform — Kim Nam Gil in Song of the Bandits, and Kim Young Kwang in both Somebody and Hello, Me!.

Meanwhile, Trigger is Woo Ji Hyun’s first-announced drama for 2024 but, if the year pans out like the last couple of years, it is not likely to be his last.

What is Trigger about?

While not a huge amount is known about the upcoming K-drama Trigger as of yet, we do know the 10-episode drama follows two men detective Lee Do (played by Kim Nam Gil) and underground arms broker Moon Baek (Kim Young Kwang).

The drama takes place as a slew of illegal guns are suddenly being brought into South Korea, and former military sniper and now-detective Lee Do struggles to find out where the guns are coming from, and who is responsible.

According to Korean news media, Woo Ji Hyun will play Yoo Jeong Tae, a student who is about to take the civil service exam, and someone who is responsible for instigating a key incident.

Trigger is currently in production and not set to end filming until at least May, 2024, It is scheduled to premiere on Netflix some time in 2025.