Yoon Park starring in revenge drama Beneficial Fraud alongside Kim Dong Wook and Chun Woo Hee

South Korean actor Yoon Park has been confirmed to be starring in the revenge drama Beneficial Fraud this year. His co-stars will be Kim Dong Wook and Chun Woo Hee.


The confirmation of Yoon Park accepting a role in Beneficial Fraud was announced just over a month after Song Deok Ho was removed from the movie’s cast due to his being investigated for alleged military service corruption.

The drama, known as 이로운 사기 in Korean, is being directed by Lee Soo Hyun (Sh**ting Stars).

It tells the story of two men — one a con artist without any empathy, and the other an attorney who has too much.

The two band together to use each other’s strengths in a battle against evil.

Yoon Park will play the supporting role of Go Yo Han, a probation officer.

Along with his role in Beneficial Fraud, Yoon Park has also signed on to play the role of Dae Young in the drama Doctor Slump.

He will also be playing the lead role of Seo Jin Woo in the upcoming political thriller Swallow.

Yoon Park’s past roles have also included work in dramas like Fanletter Please, Legal High, Forecasting Love and Weather, Birthcare Center, Room No.9 and Search.

You can watch most of them via Viki.