Zombieverse is 5th most-watched non-English TV series on Netflix right now

With South Korea seeming to go all-in on zombie-themed TV shows lately, it is probably not surprising that a new one — Zombieverse — was released on Netflix last week.

This time it is a Korean reality show in which the contestants have to work together to outwit incoming zombies during a zombie plague in Seoul.

Throw in quests that must be completed in order to stay in the game, and Zombieverse is actually quite a bit more unique than some of the reality TV shows we often get.

Contestants on the show include Lee Si Young – a South Korean actress, Korean entertainer Ro Hong Chul, comedian Park Na Rae, rapper DinDin, Japanese singer Fukutomi Tsuki, baseball player Yoo Hee Kwan, TV personality Yiombi Jonathan and his sister Yiombi Patricia who is also a TV personality, YouTuber and professor Hong Seong Woo and Kim Jin Young a YouTuber.


With that interesting mix of people and an unusual premise, it is no wonder than that Netflix is reporting Zombieverse was the fifth most-watched non-English TV series for the week of August 7th to August 13th.

According to Netflix, Zombieverse was watched for more than 14.3 million hours during that time period, with more than 1.9 million views.

All eight episodes of the first season of Zombieverse are now streaming via Netflix.

With its huge popularity, it is very likely we may see a second season as well.

Watch the official trailer for the series below.

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