After My Lovely Liar E15 ratings, series finale likely to earn HIGHEST EVER RATINGS tonight

Photo courtesy tvN

It appears it is easy to predict the ratings for the series finale of Korean drama My Lovely Liar, which is due to air later on tonight.

At least if you take the My Lovely Liar, Episode 15 ratings the romantic comedy earned last night into account.

That is because, according to Nielsen Korea, My Lovely Liar, Episode 15 garnered a very solid 3.40 percent of the audience share last night.

That is only 0.04 percent away from the drama’s highest ever rating (Episode 6), which means tonight being the My Lovely Liar finale, it is very likely Episode 16 will earn the drama’s highest rating yet.

In Seoul, the situation is likely to be the same with Episode 15 already grabbing the drama’s highest ever rating last night with a 3.86 percent audience share.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, therefore, to predict Episode 16 is likely to have the tvN drama ending on a bang with Seoul viewers later on tonight as well.

Where to watch the My Lovely Liar series finale?

My Lovely Liar premiered on tvN on July 31st, and stars Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun.

The mystery rom-com drama has earned steady ratings throughout its run, with audience shares ranging from 2.35 percent for Episode 9 to its highest rating yet — 3.44 percent for Episode 6.

The My Lovely Liar finale airs on tvN in South Korea tonight at 20:50 (KST), and we will see then how well it performs once its final rating is released.

Fingers crossed its ratings kick some major ass.

International viewers will be able to watch the drama’s final episode on Viki around the same time.

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