Cast of ‘My Daughter is a Zombie’ is superb – new K-movie bound to be a hit?

The official final cast for the upcoming Korean movie My Daughter is a Zombie has been announced, and it is superb.

Not only does the new zombie film star the always wonderful Jo Jung Suk (star of Captivating the King), also in the main cast is the phenomenal Lee Jung Eun (Miss Night and Day), Cho Yeo Jung (Beautiful World), Yoon Gyung Ho (A Birth) and prolific child actress Choi Yu Ri (Alienoid).

What is the plot of My Daughter is a Zombie?

My Daughter is a Zombie follows doting father Jung Hwan (played by Jo Jung Suk), who tries to stop the world finding out that his young daughter, Su Ah (Cho Yu Ri) is a zombie.

Lee Jung Eun plays Jung Hwan’s mother Kim Bam Sun, and Su Ah’s grandmother, and also works with her son to protect her granddaughter.

Cho Yeo Jung plays a teacher in the rural village where Bam Sum lives. She is also Jung Hwan’s first love and, as you might expect, a likely new love as the drama goes on.

Finally, Yoon Gyung Ho is Dong Bae, Jung Hwan’s longtime close friend.

Not much else has been released about My Daughter is a Zombie as of yet, but we do know it is likely to begin production soon.

We will keep you updated here at Leo Sigh as soon as more information is released.

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