Pilot trailer and poster have Jo Jung Suk like you’ve never seen him (her?) before

If you think Jo Jung Suk did an amazing job in the recently ended Korean drama Captivating the King, you might want to hold onto that thought until the Korean actor’s next movie releases.

That movie is called Pilot (aka파일럿 in Korean), and it just received a teaser trailer and a poster this week that shows the wonderful Jo Jung Suk in a completely different light.

One that may haunt you in your sleep, it seems.

The new Pilot trailer and poster (see below) show the Korean actor in a manner unlike anything you have seen before, as he transforms from star male pilot Han Jung Woo, who recently got fired from his job, into a female pilot who has everything it takes to become one of the airline’s best female employees.

Well… not quite everything!

First Pilot poster has Jo Jung Suk like you’ve never seen him (her?) before

The funny Pilot poster, featuring Jo Jung Suk in both roles, has the tagline “Jo Jung Suk, (S)he’s back!“, while the film’s trailer shows him shaving, followed by a scene where he is crouched down in the men’s bathroom wearing heels and a skirt while rummaging through his bag.

We then see him applying his make-up, and putting on a wig.

Scenes wonderfully reminiscent of Mrs. Doubtfire, in other words. A film that skyrocketed its cross-dressing star, Robin Williams, to even bigger superstardom.

Let’s see how Pilot turns out for Jo Jung Suk then, eh?

The actor stars in the comedy film Pilot alongside Han Sun Hwa (Work Later, Drink Now), Shin Seung Ho (D.P.), and Lee Joo Myung (Twenty Five, Twenty-One).

It will be his first feature film since he starred in Exit in 2019.

Pilot is being directed by Kim Han Gyul (The Most Ordinary Romance), and will premiere in movie theaters on July 31st, 2024.

Check out the Pilot trailer below, to see Jo Jung Suk like you’ve never seen him (her?) before.


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