Why you should watch Captivating the King – according to Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung

The drama’s main leads explain why you should watch Captivating the King from their perspective

While I don’t need Korean actors Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung telling me why I should watch Captivating the King, as I am currently obsessed with the historical drama and have watched each available episode twice so far, some of you may still not have begun streaming it.

That is why Netflix has just put out a video featuring Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung telling you why you should watch Captivating the King.

Well, that and being eternally cute with each other as well.

Captivating the King concentrates on relationships

In the new video titled ‘A cruel royal tale with Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung’, the drama’s two lead actors tell potential viewers why watching the popular Korean period drama is a smart thing to do.

Shin Se Kyung explains the K-drama is a good example of “people expressing their love in various ways”, as well as it being a series that perfectly captures what a love-hate relationship looks like.

Meanwhile Jo Jung Suk thinks the plot of Captivating the King is the perfect encapsulation of the complexities of relationships, and shows how all kinds of people are involved in a web of connections with each other.

Even when you may not suspect it.

The two actors also comment about how they believe the other person was perfect for the role they play (Jo Jung Suk, by the way, gives one of the best performances I have seen in a K-drama for a long time).

Apparently too, Captivating the King was filmed over a long period of time, so the actors and crew were able to experience all four seasons.

To the point that they struggled through the winter months just like anyone else would have done, even both catching colds they had to put up with while still doing their jobs.

Overall, while the Netflix video having the K-drama’s stars tell you why you should watch Captivating the King is a typical case of Korean actors saying a lot but, in all honesty, saying very little, it is still worth a watch just to see how cute Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung are together.

But.. do note, they did let slip there is a plot twist on its way mid-season, so there’s that.

The Korean drama itself stands alone as one of the best Korean series on Netflix right now.

Four new episodes of Captivating the King out this weekend

Captivating the King now has six episodes of the 16-episode K-drama up on Netflix to watch as of today, if you want to take Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung’s advice, with another four episodes being released this weekend.

And yes, if you have not begun watching the Korean period drama, which tells the story of a lonely king involved in a political power struggle for the country he loves, while also falling in love with someone he probably shouldn’t, you should give it a try.

The plot is skillfully written, the actors — both the leads and the ensemble cast — give gripping performances, the cinematography, costumes and sets are stunning , and the drama itself quickly becomes something you cannot stop thinking about as the story is so enthralling.

The Korean drama is also the sixth most-watched non-English TV show on Netflix at the moment.

Watch the Captivating the King trailer below.


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