Crash Course in Romance second most-watched Non-English TV show on Netflix – no surprise to me!

The latest information is out on the most-watched Non-English TV series on Netflix between February 6th to February 12th, 2023.

To no suprise to me, and probably none to everyone else who is watching this superb Korean rom-com, the ongoing K-drama Crash Course in Romance is the second most-watched Non-English TV series on Netflix for the period.

According to Netflix, more than 21 million hours of Crash Course in Romance were watched on Netflix between Feb 6 and Feb 12. Twenty-one million hours!

It lost the #1 spot to the testosterone-laden reality competition show, also out of South Korea, Physical: 100. (Although I must admit, that also looks good)

In other words, if Physical: 100 wasn’t hammering away, Crash Course in Romance would have easily hit the top spot by now.


What is Crash Course in Romance?

Crash Course in Romance, of course, stars the absolutely fabulous pairing of Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon.

Two phenomenally talented Korean actors who play lead characters Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Seon – a celebrity instructor and the owner of a side dishes shop who, although they would seem remarkably mismatched on the surface, end up falling in love.

The show is beautifully-written, quirky in that fabulous way only Korean writers and actors seem to be able to pull off, hilariously funny, incredibly touching and sad, and features some of the most interesting characters I have seen in a long time.

Every character is perfectly cast, with every one of them (and especially Jung Kyung Ho, Jeon Do Yeon and Oh Eui Shik) turning in superb performances.

If you have not yet seen Crash Course in Romance on Netflix, it is currently streaming in selected areas, although it is slightly behind Korea in the number of episodes released so far.

If you love a top-notch Korean drama that hits all the right spots, will make you laugh, make you cry, and have you falling in love with half the characters while hating the other half, this Korean masterpiece should be at the top of your Watch List.

Watch its trailer below that, by the way, does not do the drama justice at all.

After all, I drop more shows than I end up completing but, with Crash Course in Romance, I have watched all of the 10 episodes released so far through twice, and am about to start on a third. It really is that good.

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