Delightfully Deceitful Ep 15 audience numbers STEADY before tonight’s finale

Delightfully Deceitful ratings have remained steady throughout most of the series

The Korean revenge drama Delightfully Deceitful, Episode 15 aired on tvN in South Korea last night to steady audience numbers before its series finale airs tonight.

The drama earned 3.46 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is only very slightly down from its previous episode.

In Seoul, Delightfully Deceitful, Episode 15 performed even better garnering 4.07 percent of the audience share.

That was an increase of 0.18 percent over the drama’s fourteenth episode, which aired last week.

Both ratings placed Delightfully Deceitful, Episode 15 in first place in its time slot.

Meanwhile, over on My Drama List where the show’s ratings have dropped slightly to a 7.6 out of 10, Delightfully Deceitful still has many people still watching the K-drama commenting that, while the first seven or eight episodes were “too slow” and “confusing”, once they got passed Episode 8 the plot improved considerably.

Many are also complimenting the performances of the two main leads played by Chun Woo Hee and Kim Dong Wook.

The series finale of Delightfully Deceitful will air on tvN in South Korea tonight at 20:50 (KST).

Unfortunately, tvN has yet to license the drama for legal release on any streaming platform outside Asia. Fingers crossed that will come soon.


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