Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 ratings highest yet for this superb legal drama

Six episodes into the Korean drama Divorce Attorney Shin, and I am still amazed this superb legal drama is not getting more viewers than it has been over the last few weeks.

Thankfully, though, looking at the just-released Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 ratings, it appears more people are catching on to how good the Cho Seung Woo-led show is, and are now starting to watch it in record numbers.

In fact, the Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 ratings released by Nielsen Korea earlier today show the drama’s latest episode received a 7.5 percent audience share nationwide in Korea, and an even higher almost 8.3 percent in Seoul.

That means Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 ratings are more than 1.8 percent higher than the drama’s previous episode with Korean audiences nationwide, and almost 1.6 percent higher in Seoul.

It also means Episode 6 earned its highest audience numbers yet.

The same also seems to be holding true internationally, as the show’s ratings on My Drama List have increased in recent days to an 8.1 out of 10 as more people are also commenting they are watching the show.

As a loyal viewer from Episode 1, however, I am not too surprised the drama seems to be a slow burn.

Even I found the first couple of episodes a little slow but, once the superbly-written and acted characters grab you (especially Shin and his two best friends), the drama becomes a must-watch.

Divorce Attorney Shin airs in South Korea on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 22:30 (KST) and streams on TVING.

Outside Korea, the legal drama is streaming on Netflix in some regions.

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